Wednesday, January 21, 2009

M P NarayanaPillai

Born 22 nd November 1939 at Pulluvazhi near Perumbavoor. After receiving his B.Sc degree in agricultural science from Allahabad University, he worked as a telephone operator with the East German Consulate in Delhi. From there, he went to work for the Central Planning Commission as an economic investigator

Later he joined the Far Eastern Economics Review as the assistant editor of the publication. The from 1970 to 72, he worked in Bombay as Chief of publication with Commerce Group and Indian correspondent for McGrawHill World News. After that he went on to serve as the editor for Minerals and Metals Review.

He was also the CEO of Asian Industries Information Center and served as editor of the Malayalam weekly 'Trial'.

Though prolific as a short story writer, NarayanaPillai wrote only one novel. That novel ‘Parinamam’ bagged the Kerala Sahithya Academy Award in 1992. However he put forth certain conditions for accepting the award, but when the comittee ignored refused to follow those conditions, he declined the award.

M P Narayanapillai (aka Nanappan) passed away on May 19th 1998.


  1. He is a gr8 story teller. Parinamam is a gr8 work.

  2. Good that someones taking the pains to translate such gems. That was very interesting and I couldn't stop till the end ( which was a bit cliched, though)

  3. I dont think Parinamam, as of now at least, is being translated

  4. Reached here thru ur link in g+ in reply to Greta oto. Good attempt? Copyright probs?